We are excited to announce we have upgraded our systems to Google Drive. This means that all of your future audio files will be uploaded to a folder within Google Drive.

How does this change the process of submitting files?

In the future, you will upload your audio files to this new folder within Google Drive.

The website submission form will not disappear. You will still use it to submit your editing details and desires to us. However, instead of uploading your audio files on the website (dropbox) you will now upload your audio files directly to the Google Drive.

Your old audio files (before October 2018) will remain on Dropbox, however, they will be accessible if we need to reference them.

What do I need to do about this upgrade?

We need a couple things from you to make this upgrade successful.

  1. Please send us a message to [email protected] with the Gmail account you would like to use for your audio files.
  1. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know by emailing us at [email protected]

This upgrade will not affect the turnaround time for your episodes or the space available in your personal Google Drive, but it will provide a better interface moving forward.

We look forward to receiving your new episodes!!

Happy Podcasting